English Language Experience and Adventure (ELEA)

English Language Experience and Adventure (ELEA)

Peartree English Language Experience and Adventure (ELEA) is a new residential language learning programme focused on developing real world English language communication skills through dynamic lessons, an adventurous activities and leisure programme and immersive free time.



Peartree ELEA combines 15 years of industry experience of teaching high quality, accredited English language courses with the spectacular location, facilities, pastoral care and opportunities offered by UWC Atlantic College in the heart of South Wales. ELEA will take you on an inspirational language learning journey and you will build lifelong memories. Alongside a network of students from all over the world, you will enjoy challenging lessons, experience adventure activities as well as traditional visits, go on a weekend camp, make new international friends and have a fantastic time – and we will help you to do all this using only the English language.

For 2022, ELEA has taken the bold step of offering two separate summer camps – ELEA open to both organised groups and individuals (13th-27th July 2022) and ELEA Individuals for those joining independently (30th July – 13th August 2022).


2022 Course Information

  • ELEA (Groups and Individuals):
    13th July – 27th July 2022
  • ELEA (Individuals):
    30th July – 13th August 2022*
  • £2,200pp GBP per person
  • Ages | 12 – 17 years old
  • English Language Level | A2 and above
  • General booking window for ELEA and ELEA Individuals has now ended.
    There is still very limited availability on both courses. Before completing the full application, please email elea@uwcatlanticexperience.com stating the name, age, gender and first language of the applicant and we will reply to you with availability.

*10% Early Booking discount available if booked before 31st January 2022. Applies to ELEA Individuals only.

About ELEA

ELEA has been developed for 12-17 year olds looking to developing their English language communication skills through a thrilling and unique experience. If you want to spend your summer day-in-day-out in a classroom, then this course isn’t for you!

What we offer is a full daily schedule which combines your language classes with early-morning, afternoon, evening and weekend activities. You will develop valuable skills for both your studies in your home country and your future career; you will have the chance to improve your confidence in English and your personal skills while having the adventure experience of a lifetime!


ELEA and ELEA Individuals – what’s the difference?

Both ELEA programmes offer the same range of lessons, activities, excursions and accommodation to an identical same standard and in the same location. We understand that it can be difficult for some individual students to make new friends in a summer camp that also welcomes large groups of participants from one country/organisation, so for this reason, ELEA has taken the bold step of offering two separate summer camps to ensure that we can meet the similar, but also different needs of both group and individual participants. Unfortunately, it is NOT possible to enrol for both ELEA programmes.

ELEA (13th July – 27th July 2022) can be enjoyed by both small, pre-organised groups of between 2 and 10 participants and individual adventurers. The pre-organised groups will sometimes be travelling with an accompanying group leader and in such groups, participants may know each other before attending ELEA, however, we place a great deal of emphasis on helping participants to mix with members of other groups and individual participants to improve their language skills and to make new friends. Participants will also be mixed in their accommodation and lessons with all course members, as per our availability. In the case that a participant has a strong wish to remain in accommodation close to a friend or family member, we will do our best to meet this request – again as per our availability. ELEA is suitable for both small, pre-organised groups and for individual students.

ELEA Individuals (30th July – 13th August 2022) is specifically for student participants joining independently, or for micro friend/sibling groups of a strict maximum of up to 4 people, always without an accompanying group leader. The participants will not know each other before the start of the experience and the initial sessions of the programme will have a heavy focus on icebreaker sessions, helping participants to quickly make new friends and connections. Participants will be mixed in accommodation and classes, generally according to age, and as per our availability. ELEA Individuals is not suitable for pre-organised groups.

What to expect from ELEA

The Location

Peartree ELEA takes place at UWC Atlantic, Saint Donats, U.K. This spectacular, 122-acre site is home to its own 12th- century castle, woodland, farm, valley and seafront with a small beach. You will enjoy meals in a magical dining hall, listen to stories and myths about the castle and be in constant contact with nature in this safe, beautiful residential setting.

The Lessons

You will join English language group classes every morning and one afternoon each week, divided by level based on the Common European Framework of Reference for language competence (B1, B2 etc). Participants must be able to demonstrate a level of A2 (pre-intermediate) to be eligible to join the course.
Classes are delivered according to the standards set by the British Council for the teaching of English in the U.K. Lessons will focus on developing communicative and authentic English language competencies and class themes will be based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals as part of our well-developed 21st-century skills curriculum.

The Afternoon Activities

There will be a range of afternoon activities over the two-week experience, including half-day excursions to the local areas of natural beauty. During the other afternoons, you will enjoy a high-energy, adventure-based programme which may include activities such as hiking the Wales Coastal Path, orienteering, archery, climbing, high ropes challenges, team games and sports (tennis, football, volleyball).

The Full Day Excursions

For two full days, we will take you away from the residence to get to know new places in the U.K. There will be a full-day cultural/historical excursion to the Big Pit underground mine and Saint Fagans National Museum of History. In the second week, we will go on a longer all-day excursion to the city of Bath in England, which will include a visit to the famous Roman baths.

The Overnight Camp

At the halfway point of your experience, we will take you for a fully supervised overnight camp where you will enjoy spending a night in the great outdoors speaking English and having a unique adventure with your new friends.

Additional Mindfulness activities

On certain days we will offer optional wellbeing, mindfulness and reflective sessions such as early morning swimming, yoga, meditation and guided reflection.

The Evening Activities

The full programme of evening activities will give you the chance to speak English when you are having fun and feeling such as an outdoor BBQ, a concert, cinema evening (full-sized screen), a disco and much more, all within the grounds of the residence!

The Pastoral Care – Safer school 24-Hour Care

UWC Atlantic College is committed to providing the highest standards of pastoral care, including 24-hour supervision. students are carefully checked for their suitability to provide the highest level of care to children and young people.

The Accommodation and Meals

You will live in houses containing dormitories where up to four students share a room. Each house has a common room with plenty of space to relax and a small kitchen.

All houses are located within the grounds of the college, with wonderful views of the sea and woodland, and are an easy walk to all facilities (dining hall, lessons, activities, pick up points).
There will be three full meals per day – breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all meals will be enjoyed in the spectacular refectory, giving students the feeling of being in a real-life Harry Potter movie!

The Skills Development

At Peartree ELEA our aim is to help you improve your English-language level as you develop important life skills for your future. Through the wide range of adventures we have planned, you can develop team-building, leadership, communication and listening skills, along with resilience.

In the summer months, the UWC Atlantic campus comes alive with a range of groups, young people and other external events that contribute to a global landscape of learning and exploration. Many of your leisure moments will be spent with the participants of these other adventures, as well as your classmates, giving you the unique opportunity to speak English and make friends with first language English speakers.

Should I attend alone or as part of a group?

ELEA is open to both individual adventurers and small groups travelling together (maximum 10 students per group). Whether you join us as part of an organised group, or as an individual, we will ensure that all students from the whole course are integrated with each other and you are making new friends from the very first moment you join ELEA.

GuardMe Insurance 

As part of ELEA, International Students living outside of the UK will benefit from GuardMe COVID specific insurance, to provide additional cover for COVID related cancellation.

The policy provides cover for participant cancellation in the event of:

– Having a positive case of COVID at the start date of the course, prohibiting them to join. Cover provided is up to the value of £7,500

– COVID medical cover up to £10 million

– Flight and accommodation cover for participant and guardian should they be required to isolate in the UK and/or fly to the UK to provide care

general booking has now closed.

Please email stating the name, age, gender and first language of the applicant and we will reply to you with availability.

Contact us

Course Fees 2022

Programme Cost: £2,200 GBP per person
Fees are inclusive of return-transfer from one of the following airports:
• Cardiff
• Bristol
• Heathrow

The programme fee is also inclusive of GuardMe insurance cover.

A 10% early bird discount is available for ELEA Individuals (30th July – 13th August 2022) on a limited basis for applications received before 31st January 2022.

Bookings close 29th April 2022 or when fully sold out.

Contact Us

If you need to get in touch, don’t hesitate to contact us by email info@uwcatlanticexperience.com or call (+44) 1446 799 000.

If you are an Education Tour Operator looking to book ELEA from 13th July- 27th July 2022, please contact Peartree directly on info@peartreelanguages.com


UWC Atlantic
St Donat’s Castle
Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan
Wales, UK
CF61 1WF

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