UWC Atlantic Alumni Reunions

UWC Atlantic Alumni Reunions

Reunions are not only distinct occasions to remember the two years you spent at UWC Atlantic, they are also an excellent opportunity to reconnect with the College.

Alumni reunions are a significant part of the UWC Atlantic life. Unfortunately, for the past two summers, we have been unable to open our campus doors to welcome you in, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The coming year will be a truly special one, as the College will celebrate its 60th Anniversary and your reunions will be a key element of this year of festivities.

Thank you for your interest in attending your reunion this year; these fundraising events will enormously help the College being a charity.

It has been some time since you last attended a reunion event at UWC Atlantic and you may have questions such as ‘how do I share a room with friends’, ‘what does the weekend include’ and ‘can I bring my family’?

That is why we have put together the following programme, ticket structure and frequently asked questions to help answer any questions you may have (all of which can also be accessed in the downloads below).

And, if you still have a passion for thrill-seeking adventure, why not stay for a little longer after your reunion ends and join us on our Alumni Adventure Experience, exclusive for alumni attending reunions 1, 2 and 3.

If you have any queries, you can also reach out to us on reunions@uwcatlanticexperience.com

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